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Spago Las Vegas Lunch


Had a great lunch with friends today!! If you have not been you have to check it out. The interior of this restaurant is amazing. This restaurant oversees the water at the  Bellagio  fountains. You can see the water from any area of the restaurant. Also they have a patio that sits right on the water.

I was able to share the meal with some friends. We started off with the Margarita pizza. I really eating at Wolf Gang Puck restaurants and I always order this if it is on the menu. This pie will not disappoint!!

We then continued the second course with a variety of oysters served with a white wine Pink Peppercorn-Apple Mignonette. This was such a refreshing compliment to the oysters. We also got the spicy tuna Tartare! this has been on the Spago menu for thirty years. Don’t pass up on this if you visit the restaurant.



We finally did a final course of hand made Ricotta Cavatelli Spicy Lamb Bolognese, Fiore Sardo. This is one of the most flavorful pastas I have ever had. We had the Veal wiener schnitzel. The veal was pounded very thin and was tender enough we cut it apart with a fork. The miso glazed salmon was very well balanced. Mustard Greens, Pickled Vegetables, Sweet Onion-Soy Dressing was a perfect combination with the miso glaze on the salmon. I was a little worried that the dish would have conflicting flavors. There was no need to worry once I tasted the dish. We also did the hamburger. The key to a good burger is always quality. This burger was made with prime grade meat and one of the best brioche buns I have had. One of my favorite burgers. I drive across town to Wolfgang bar and grill when I want a good burger. We did one vegetable lol. We did the Charred sugar snap peas with Lemon Vinaigrette, Harissa Yogurt, Mint. This was just something that was light and refreshing to compliment the meal.


Unfortunately there was no alcohol pairing with the meal. It was a lunch. Since I still had more business to attend to I was not fortunate to have this part of the dining experience added to my meal. I will be back though. There is not one down side to this restaurant.  So I will be back to see the night time views and the dinner men


Learn more about Spago and their menu here:

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