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I can’t say that I have not been to Carbone before. I actually go as often as I can. This place never fails.

We started off with a bread basket.  This is not your normal bread basket. You have one of the most selective bread baskets. Like Buba Gump would say. You got garlic bread, french roll, and cheesy bread. Maybe not that many, but the presentation and quality is a home run. They also gave us a charcuterie platter with pepperoni, salami, and with fresh honey due. Also a plate of fresh shaved mozzarella cheese.

From there we did get a pairing menu as well. We had a different glass of wine or Campaign with every course.

Next we had  sausage and peppers. This was done very traditionally. I could not believe how fresh the peppers were. It really goes a long way with simply using the best quality. The peppers had a light amount of spice. Perfectly done.

Finally we had my two favorite dishes. I will openly say that Carbone has the best Veil Parm in the city. They pound the veil very this and lightly bread it. Plus the marinara is thick and flavorful. That way they don’t have to drown the veil in sauce. They lightly layer is for the perfect flavor combo. With this I always get the spicy rigatoni. This sauce is the well balanced between spicy and sweet. Plus they always do this al dente. This combination is actually one of my favorite meals in the city. I go to get it often.


No desert for tonight. We had a birthday cake. Between the wine tasting and the singing I must have forgotten to take a picture. HAHA




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