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Mama’s Fish House – Maui’s North Short

The next restaurant we visited for an early afternoon bite really help make our Maui experience so memorable…

Mama’s Fish House has some of the most immersively decorative yet natural dining rooms on the island:

(taken from their facebook page here) This photo is so surreal but does such a good job at capturing the beauty of this place.

And the food followd graciously.

We started off with island cocktails and fresh oysters with lemon. The bursting flavor of the ocean in each bite far exceeds anything I’ve had on the mainland USA yet.

The sashimi quickly followed and was gone just as quick. The waiter told us that the fish is delivered everyday by local fisherman. And the taste of the ocean in each dish was all the verification I needed.

Finally, our lunch ended with a savory deep fried fish cake that was like nothing else I’ve had before. This interesting Hawaiian-Western fusion was savory and paired with some pickled vegetables and a fish dipping sauce.

We walked out of Mama’s Fish House tranced by the food and beautiful Maui weather.


These folks are very busy and popular, I recommend making a reservation if you plan on indulging here anytime soon. Learn more here: https://www.mamasfishhouse.com/

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