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I did restaurant of the week for Restaurant Week at Mott 32!!

Welcome Back!!


I had another great meal. There is a new Chinese restaurant in the Venetian/Palazzo named  Mott 32. Every part of this place was done with thought. The interior of this place was just amazing. It added to the excitement from the moment you walk in.

So I was out for Restaurant Week. During this time a large number of restaurants get involve in setting up a tasting menu for guests to come by and enjoy different items from there menu. Also the proceeds go to 3 square. This is a charity to feed hungry children. With a lot of time being spent going through multiple menus my friends and I chose Mott 32. It was the clear winner. Take a look for your self.

I do have to stop and say the service was amazing. Our waitress walked us through how to eat and dress every item we were served. As you continue, you will see why this was so important. Plus for such an intricate menu there was nothing that she did not know. Plus the staff helped suggest a great Italian wine that complimented the meal.

My Meal began with a hot and sour soup pork dumpling. I don’t know how the broth was still so hot inside this dumpling. The waitress had to explain that you had to put the dumpling in the spoon and then poke a hole in it with your chop stick and let it drain. If you bit right into this dumpling you would just burn your whole mouth. So I did exactly that. The balance and flavor profile of these dumplings were amazing!!


From there we were served a bbq glazed pork. This sauce was the perfect amount of sweet and bitter. There was only enough to get a couple pieces of this dish considering it was a tasting menu. I have to say this was such a flavorful dish.

For entree we had a choice of M6 Wagyu stir fry or a miso glazed sea bass. We did a mix of both dishes so we could try both. I enjoyed the sea bass though. The fish was cooked perfectly and the sweet miso glaze was the perfect compliment. We did order a dish off of the tasting menu. Whenever you are with a group at a good Chinese spot make sure you get the whole duck. The place will always do several different preparations with the duck and provide different sauces. Plus they use the skin and fry it to make chichorone. I am telling you this is what it is all about. The chef comes out to the table and carves it table side as well. This was a must and made the meal over the top.


They finished with what they called a bamboo forest. It was a custard with sorbet and crumbled pastry. It was a great presentation to say the least. Plus it was more of a light and refreshing finish to the meal. I have to admit, after all that food it was the perfect finish. I could not have even handled something rich and heavy after all of that food.

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