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Sam Cohens Las Vegas Resaurant tour/ Carson’s Kitchen

So as much as I enjoy going to restaurants all over the strip, I also love a great local spot. Well you can’t get much better that this. Carson’s kitchen located in down town Las Vegas is about as good as it gets. This place has taken the contemporaneity American style of food to another level. Everything from the decor and roof top deck makes this a beautiful restaurant.  Let’s not forget the food!!

I was having a business lunch with my partner Jeff. It was a great way to spend a part of my work day. This was not a heavy meal, but sure was good.

We started off with their crispy chicken skins. The chicken skins are fried and crispy. Their is a perfect amount of salt added to the skins to compliment the smoked honey that is served as a dipping sauce.

After this we had something light and refreshing from the garden to table selection. We ordered the Young Beets. This was goat cheese served with pistachio and red and green grapes. Very simple, but everything was fresh and paired well..

Finally I finished with a hamburger. Maybe not a over the top dish, but often not prepared well. So I am always looking for a good burger. I FOUND IT HERE!!!!! I like to keep it simple and fresh. The quality speaks for itself. The Butter Burger is served with lettuce tomato and cheddar. The bun is done with butter on it which is different, but very good. I was amazed with how good this was. Above all you can’t beat a hot tater tot. Great compliment.

Since this was not my first visit I know there are many other items that are excellent on this menu. Considering that I will be back again soom!

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